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Escape Rooms Ennis

Men during an escape room session

Let it be said that I love giving tours of my hometown Ennis. I grew up in this town and find great pride and enjoyment in showing people around the town and entertaining them as I go. After all, who doesn’t love to be entertained?

A very common question I’‘m asked on my tour is “What else can we do here?” and depending on the time of year or even just the day of the week I might suggest things like:

As you can see, you will most certainly not be bored (or hungry) in Ennis but I often struggled to recommend another tour-like activity for couples, families or small groups. That was until recently. Introducing Escape Rooms Ennis!

For those of you who are not familiar with the sweeping trend that are Escape Rooms, let me explain.

You and up to 7 other friends are locked into a themed room. This might be an office, prison cell or like in Escape Rooms Ennis’ case, an old Irish cottage haunted for years by the ‘Banshee’ (Scary looking witch thing). Your task is to escape within 60 minutes before the Banshee gets you. How do you escape? Your team will search the room from top to bottom finding clues, riddles, and locked boxes as you go. You all work together trying to figure out these clues which will lead to your escape.

Last week, 6 friends and I went to check out Escape Rooms Ennis and WOW, we were impressed. Firstly My friends and l have very different interests and hobbies. Thus, it’s difficult to find an activity we can all enjoy. This was ideal as well all chipped in equally. Secondly, the theme of the room is Irish Folklore, perfect for both locals and tourists.

When you visit, you are welcomed by Sarah & Conor. They brief you on what’s about to happen before you and your team embark on a very fun 60 minutes (hopefully less). This is a highly entertaining and affordable experience located in Ennis and is a welcome addition to the town.

Wondering if we escaped or not? Of course, we did. Can you spot me?