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Ollie's Tours

Things to do in Ennis during a global pandemic!

Things to do in Ennis Blog entry

Whilst on my way to a very important job interview, a man sitting next to me on the train said to me “How do you make God laugh? – Tell him your plans”. Luckily for me, as a tour guide and someone who plays GAA, I never make holiday plans for the summer months but…

Ennis Walking Tour – What to do on your Staycation to Clare?

Ennis Walking Tour Blog Post

My name is Ollie and I grew up in Ennis.  Like many people, I wondered why on earth would people want to do a walking tour of Ennis. I just thought it was crazy. The way I saw it, Ennis consisted of schools, pubs and the €2 shop. I simply never opened my eyes as…

Private Ennis Tour

monument in Ennis Ireland

Experience the best of Ennis with your choice of a private walking tour, an Irish culture workshop, or both bundled into one. On the walking tour, your guide offers little-known facts about the town’s history and takes you to hidden gem landmarks often missed by visitors. The culture workshop, offered in a 13th-century abbey, leaves…