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With every great business, you will always find a great logo with it. Apple, Facebook, and McDonalds are all examples of companies with logos who are just about up there with my Ollie’s Tours logo – up there with the best. With every logo, I would like to think there is some sort of story…

Escape Rooms Ennis

Men during an escape room session

Let it be said that I love giving tours of my hometown Ennis. I grew up in this town and find great pride and enjoyment in showing people around the town and entertaining them as I go. After all, who doesn’t love to be entertained? A very common question I’‘m asked on my tour is…

Private Ennis Tour

monument in Ennis Ireland

Experience the best of Ennis with your choice of a private walking tour, an Irish culture workshop, or both bundled into one. On the walking tour, your guide offers little-known facts about the town’s history and takes you to hidden gem landmarks often missed by visitors. The culture workshop, offered in a 13th-century abbey, leaves…