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WATCH THIS: 5 STAYCATION Things To Do In DOOLIN | 2021 Ollie’s Tours

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Doolin is an old fish village nestled beautifully at the bottom of the Cliffs of Moher. Doolin is no doubt a popular spot and over the past 2 decades, it has become the ideal holiday destination for Irish and international visitors alike. The more time you spend in Doolin, the more you won’t want to…

March 10th and why it’s important | Ollie’s Story

Cliffs of Moher

Today, March 10th marks a significant day in my life. Here’s why. At 19, I moved to Munich as part of my university. Great city, great people but dang is it expensive! I spent the first few months being a complete tourist which allowed me to experience Munich through fresh eyes.  Nevertheless, I was running…

Things to do in Ennis during a global pandemic!

Things to do in Ennis Blog entry

Whilst on my way to a very important job interview, a man sitting next to me on the train said to me “How do you make God laugh? – Tell him your plans”. Luckily for me, as a tour guide and someone who plays GAA, I never make holiday plans for the summer months but…

Ennis Walking Tour – What to do on your Staycation to Clare?

Ennis Walking Tour Blog Post

My name is Ollie and I grew up in Ennis.  Like many people, I wondered why on earth would people want to do a walking tour of Ennis. I just thought it was crazy. The way I saw it, Ennis consisted of schools, pubs and the €2 shop. I simply never opened my eyes as…

Private Ennis Tour

monument in Ennis Ireland

Experience the best of Ennis with your choice of a private walking tour, an Irish culture workshop, or both bundled into one. On the walking tour, your guide offers little-known facts about the town’s history and takes you to hidden gem landmarks often missed by visitors. The culture workshop, offered in a 13th-century abbey, leaves…