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Kieran's Irish Adventures

How the story of Brian Boru led to Conan visiting Ennis, Ireland!

Conan O'Brien visiting Ennis, Ireland

You already know Ireland: it’s a country of smiles, laughter and people swingin’ and dancin’ to sing-songs where the traditional Irish instruments being strummed hold just as much character as the people dancing to their harmonies. There are a lot of odd stereotypes of Irish people but that one, at least, holds true. Yes, I…

How an American Grandmother Discovered Guinness For The First Time!

Woman discovering Guinness for the first time

It’s no secret that Americans have a deep fascination with Ireland. With many people claiming Irish descent they swarm Ireland every summer making the bulk of Ireland’s tourism industry. Many Irish students go to enjoy sunny American beaches on their J1’s as Americans come over to see our monuments and partake in our culture. One…

My Favourite Virtual Tours Right Now – Virtual Travel

a man wearing a hat

You know what I’m not looking forward to?  All the engaging small talk of what we got up to during our time stuck at home in quarantine.  I’m sure we all have a friend that will excite us with his riveting talk of an intensive online course in marketing or the new LinkedIn badges she’s…

5 things to do in Ireland during the Summer months!

a group of people walking down a street

Ireland’s culture, for all the grand attributes you can spout, is hardly mysterious. It’s everywhere.  Any high sun, sunset or sea breeze and you’ll find yourself reflecting on a grand memory you’ve made on it’s historic land, and even the ones you wish to make.  It’s familiar to all who have yearned for love, found…