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Things to do in Ennis during a global pandemic!

Things to do in Ennis Blog entry

Whilst on my way to a very important job interview, a man sitting next to me on the train said to me “How do you make God laugh? – Tell him your plans”. Luckily for me, as a tour guide and someone who plays GAA, I never make holiday plans for the summer months but I know a lot of you do. With the ever changing restrictions, the threat of a returning lockdown and an overall fear of the word ‘PLAN’, I have come up with a list of things to do in Ennis whilst on a staycation. All these things can be done last minute with a very minimal booking time if any!

Kayak Rental in Ennis

When in Ennis, Co. Clare, I would urge any outdoorsy people to visit Ballyalla Lake and rent kayaks. This peaceful lake is perfect for families, couples, groups of friends and is ideal for dogs! When you arrive at the lake, you will likely be met by Alan who can sort you out with Kayaks (singles or doubles), stand up paddle boards, life jackets and wetsuits. Head out and explore the beautiful Ballyalla lake and spring yourself off the pontoon located in the centre of the lake. This activity is the perfect way to spend 2 hours in Ennis!

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Escape Rooms Ennis

For most Ennis people, Escape Rooms Ennis has been a knight in shining armour this summer. Their fun rooms have been the perfect ‘escape’ (pardon the pun) for families on lockdown at home. For those unfamiliar to escape rooms, let me summarise them for you. You and up to 5 other team mates are in a themed room. You have 60 minutes to find clues that will eventually lead to your escape. (Side note: You are not actually locked into any room. You are monitored and can leave at any time).  Escape Rooms Ennis currently offers 3 indoor escape rooms and one outdoor game. Run by the delightful Sarah & Connor, this is a must do when visiting Ennis but don’t take my word for it, check out their amazing reviews on TripAdvisor!

Escape Rooms Ennis | Ollie's Tours

(Pre-Covid picture – Masks now required to be worn at all times!)

Substantial Meal

Did you know that in pre-Covid times, there were 54 pubs in Ennis? Well sadly due to restrictions, many of our beloved pubs remain shut. However, Ennis has a handful of pubs which offer delicious food served with delicious pints!  As a local of Ennis, I saw it as my duty to check them all out over the past few weeks. The thing about Ennis is, each pub has its own unique characteristics, own style of food and brings its own vibes.  Firstly, you have Brogans located on O’Connell Street.  A table of 6 booked with some close friends, this was my first meal out since March! It didn’t let me down. I left there filled up with delicious tortellini, 2 (or so) pints of Guinness and a big smile on my face. A sliothars puck away we have two equally great options, the Poets Corner, Dan O’Connell’s, Knoxs, Yolo and Cruises. The list can go on! All I can say is that you will never be hungry or thirsty in Ennis.

Cruises Pub Ennis Sign

Ennis Walking Tours

Finally, a walking tour of Ennis. Join me, Ollie as I bring you around my home town of Ennis showing your the hidden gems and sharing stories of the town passed on through generations. Having started giving tours in 2017, Ollie’s Tours has had its hardest year to date and yet, our 5 star trip advisor review keep on coming. To book your tour of Ennis or to get recommendations on what else to do in Ennis, click here to contact us!

A group of people doing a walking tour of Ennis