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How to enjoy Ireland’s Friendliest Town

Pub façade in Ireland

2017 was the year that brought Ennis, Co. Clare the title of ‘Ireland’s Friendliest Town‘. Having grown up in this town, this award did not come as a shock to me. Here are 5 ways you can enjoy Ireland’s Friendliest Town

#5 – The Lively Pub Atmosphere

Ennis is traditionally famous for being a market town and throughout history, when the farmers came into Ennis and made their money, it was common practice to visit a pub or two. Along with the growing popularity of Irish Traditional Music, Ennis saw many pubs open. Today, you will find 54 pubs open for business in Ennis, each radiating a different type of atmosphere. 

#4 – The Historical Ennis Streets

The inner core of Ennis is actually rather small and compact. There are 3 main streets that could entertain you for hours. You have Abbey Street, O’Connell Street and of course the pedestrianized Parnell Street. Each of these streets comes with a compelling story. Hear all the stories on an award-winning walking tour!

#3 – The Hidden Gems

At a glace, Ennis is a pretty town with a lively hustle and bustle feel about. However, when looked at more carefully, it has the power to blow your mind. Beautiful street art can be spotted in the most bizarre places, each with a unique story. It is important to remember the sculpture trail which a local artist/tour guide, Benoni (Ben-oh-ni) will bring you around free of charge! – a true expert about the towns art.

#2 – The Smell of Coffee

Ennis has an extensive selection of coffee shops that cater to every type of person. The ‘Grab & Go‘ coffee shops, the ‘Let’s sit here and people watch’ coffee shops, ‘real barista‘ style coffee shops, etc.. You name it, Ennis has the perfect brew for everybody.

#1 – The People of Ennis

Everything mentioned above, as great as it sounds, can be a familiar setting in many destinations around Ireland. It is the people behind the town that truly makes Ennis ‘Ireland’s Friendliest Town’.

Ennis has a welcoming spirit like no other.  What makes Ennis so friendly is the friendly ‘hello’ from the passerby on the street, the lively musician in the corner of the pub creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all. It is the longing that the people of Ennis have to help tourists that may be lost. It doesn’t matter if you are from Kenya, Australia or Timbucktwo, the people of Ennis always say ‘Failte’ (the Irish word for welcome) with a smile on their face.