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Where To Walk Your Dog in Ennis, Ireland? | Best Places To Bring Your Dog

a dog sitting in the grass in Ennis

Bringing a pet on holiday can often be ‘ruff’ but trust me, by the end of this blog you will be packing your bags & leads and heading to Medieval Ennis! Are you considering whether or not to bring your special 4-legged animal on holiday this year? The answer is YES! Anything is ‘paw-sible’ when…

Where to Park in Ennis, Co. Clare? | Best Parking Spots in Ennis

Top 5 places to park in Ennis

Parking in Ennis can often be a tricky situation, especially if you are new to the town.  Most of the people who do my Ennis walking tour are from the US and for many of them, driving on the other side of the road is traumatic enough without the struggle of finding a parking space….

Things to do in Ennis during a global pandemic!

Things to do in Ennis Blog entry

Whilst on my way to a very important job interview, a man sitting next to me on the train said to me “How do you make God laugh? – Tell him your plans”. Luckily for me, as a tour guide and someone who plays GAA, I never make holiday plans for the summer months but…

What Are The Top 5 Places to Visit Outside Dublin – A Locals Choice

Top 5 places to visit outside Dublin

The tourism industry in Ireland is on another level. People from East to West come pouring in to see our cultural heritage, often times this being their own cultural heritage, and even partaking in it with the spectacle of dance and merry song. With half-built construction projects still casting a shadow among different parts of…

How the story of Brian Boru led to Conan visiting Ennis, Ireland!

Conan O'Brien visiting Ennis, Ireland

You already know Ireland: it’s a country of smiles, laughter and people swingin’ and dancin’ to sing-songs where the traditional Irish instruments being strummed hold just as much character as the people dancing to their harmonies. There are a lot of odd stereotypes of Irish people but that one, at least, holds true. Yes, I…

What EVERYONE is learning about IRELAND from Normal People!

Blog post picture about an Irish TV show.

With most of Ireland still restricted, most people have taken to Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime to catch up on the latest trending movie or series. By now, most of us have seen, or at least heard of Tiger King, and are learning more and more about Michael Jordan’s last dance. But there is one…

5 things to do in Ireland during the Summer months!

a group of people walking down a street

Ireland’s culture, for all the grand attributes you can spout, is hardly mysterious. It’s everywhere.  Any high sun, sunset or sea breeze and you’ll find yourself reflecting on a grand memory you’ve made on it’s historic land, and even the ones you wish to make.  It’s familiar to all who have yearned for love, found…

Coronavirus Travel – Should travel plans be made for later in the year?

Person pointing at camera near a macbook.

We all love to travel, explore new cultures and do tours of our favourite cities and attractions.  We love the excitement of packing.  Whether it’s hot or crispy cold, we love that blast of air that hits you when you exit the plane. We love encountering interesting characters along the way, be it a funny…

COVID-19 – Advice for those anxious about 2020 travel plans!


For anybody who had hoped to travel in 2020, this blog is for you. Ollie’s Tours is a small tour operator based in a beautiful medieval town called Ennis located in the south-west of Ireland.  We offer walking, food and culture tours of the town and rely on international tourists for our business.  Since the recent…