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Top 5 Tours With A Twist In Ireland

Tourist playing hurling

As a tour guide myself, I love doing tours and over the years, I discovered a passion for findinga tour that has something a little bit different about it compared to some of the more classic tours. Here are 5 tours with a twist you should check out while travelling around Ireland.

  1. Rural Pub Tours Ireland

When visiting Dublin City, recommended comes a long list of tourist pubs & night clubs. You will drink a pint on the top story of the famous Guinness Storehouse overlooking the ‘fresh of breath air’ that is Dublin city. You can then expect to pop in for a pint in the Pipers’ Corner before heading over to Temple Bar. This is great and all but when we travel today, we want to dive deeper into our chosen destinations. Rural pub tours Ireland drives you past Temple Bar, where the average cost of a pint is €7.50, all the way out into rural Ireland where the true cultural experiences are found, and where the cost of a pint is €4.50.

Bulmers bar Ireland


  1. Viking Splash Tours 

If you find yourself in Dublin, and you have kids travelling with you, this is the tour for you. The Viking Splash tours are the perfect combination of historic facts, fascinating tales (told by outstanding story tellers) and novelty. You can expect to cruise and sail your way through Dublin City on their bright yellow, as I call it, Bus-Boat. Laughing and screaming your way along, you won’t want the tour to end.

Viking Splash Tours


  1. Father Ted’s House

Father Ted was, and still is for many, the funniest TV show Ireland has ever produced. Packed with Irish humor, the show has millions of people falling off their couches. In a very rural part of County Clare, roughly 25 minutes from Ennis and 45 minutes from Shannon Airport, you can find the Father Ted House. To call this experience a tour is up for debate but whatever it is, you will not regret visiting. You show up at your booked time, and the family, who has lived there since the airing of the TV show, welcome you with delicious homemade cakes and treats. The house will be shown to you but what really makes it special are the stories. The man of the house retells the inside stories from when filming took place and that familiar feeling of falling off your chair with laughter returns.

Father Teds House

  1. Welcome to Ennis Tour with Irish Cultural Experience

15 minutes from Shannon Airport sits Ennis, Ireland’s Friendliest Town. It is here where you can experience a tour like no other, setting you up for the rest of your trip around Ireland. An entertaining walking tour of this Medieval town with an Irish Culture Workshop incorporated into the tour. You can expect to learn about, and practice the basics of Irish sport, language, songs and more. This entertaining workshop will have you feeling more Irish than ever before!

5 people smiling with Hurleys and Footballs

  1. Galway Food Tours

In 2020, Galway will become the European Capital of Culture and are expecting to host millions of visitors. If you are planning a trip to Ireland in 2020, Galway simply has to be on your bucket list. Galway Food Tours are by far the best way to integrate yourself into the city’s culture. Strolling through the city streets, you will be introduced to the owners of some of Galway’ newest and oldest foodie establishments while trying out lots of the local cuisine. This unique experience will have you laughing your way to a full tummy and lots of happy memories.

Selection of Food in Galway