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6 Useful Apps For Ireland | Ollie’s Tours

6 Useful Apps of Ireland


  1. WhatsApp

    This app is seriously mainstream in Ireland. Most people will have it.
    Useful for:
    – Communication with locals
    – Organising activities
    – Times when iMessage doesn’t work.
    *IPhones are less popular here than in the US.

  2. Revolut (MOST USEFUL APP)

    Irish people don’t use Venmo! Instead, we use Revolut. I highly recommend it.
    Useful for:
    – Converting currencies (USD to EUR)
    – Sending money to friends
    – When you don’t have cash

    Download Now: Click Here to Download Revolut

  3. Free Now (Taxi App)

    Uber is in Ireland but it’s not that popular. Free Now is the easiest and most efficient way to get a taxi in Ireland.
    Useful for:
    – If you need a reliable taxi app
    – If you are traveling around mainland Europe. It is super popular there too.

    Download Now:

  4. Official GAA App

    When visiting Ireland, you must go to watch a Hurling or Gaelic Football game.
    Useful for:
    – Finding out when & where games are on.
    – If you are unfamiliar with Irish sports

    Download Now:

  5. App

    If you LOVE live events, this app is for you.
    Useful for:
    – Finding info about music, comedy events, movies etc.
    – Every part of Ireland!

    *They are currently restructuring the app but the website works just as well!

  6. National Journey Planner

    Timetables can be confusing and often change. Just enter your location, and with one tap you’ll know lots of ways to get there. It gathers up-to-date data from rail, tram, and bus to get you to your destination without any stress!
    Useful for:
    – For people exploring Ireland without a car.

    Download now: