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Ennis Walking Tour – What to do on your Staycation to Clare?

Ennis Walking Tour Blog Post

My name is Ollie and I grew up in Ennis.  Like many people, I wondered why on earth would people want to do a walking tour of Ennis. I just thought it was crazy. The way I saw it, Ennis consisted of schools, pubs and the €2 shop. I simply never opened my eyes as to what Ennis really had to offer.

It wasn’t until I was 19 and began tour guiding in Munich that I realised that my very home town is steeped with history. I returned home and went on a 5 year journey discovering all about my town and what makes it so special. I read books, watched movies and documentaries but where I got most of the information was from local historians. They really opened my eyes to history I was simply unaware of. My grandfather Sean played a huge role and still today if I am unsure of something, he is my go too guy.

So here I am to answer the question, why on earth should you do a walking tour of Ennis, Co. Clare?


The history of Ennis is known by few but affects the whole island of Ireland we know today.  It’s local history intertwines with some of the biggest events in Irish history. Characters like Daniel O’Connell and DeVelera were key figures in Ennis.

Ennis Walking Tour with Ollie

See Ennis as a local

Ennis is famous for it’s laneways and bow-ways. Its narrow medieval streets can be daunting and confusing for first time visitors. A walking tour of Ennis will have you familiar with the Ennis streets and ready to explore the town with your family.

Bow-way in Ennis

Hidden Gems

By joining one of my Ennis walking tours, you will be shown parts of Ennis unknown the the casual visitor. I will guide you and the small group of just 10 or less people around Ennis pointing out important landmarks that would have been missed otherwise.

people on an Ennis walking tour


Ennis has a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars! After the tour, there is so much Ennis can offer you and your family. From chocolate making classes to kayaking adventures and lets not forget the super cool Escape Rooms Ennis!

A group of people doing a walking tour of Ennis

Remember Ennis

Ollie’s Tours is the #1 Tour in Ennis on TripAdvisor. This is because since I started guiding tours in Ennis, I have created memories of Ennis for thousands of visitors. I don’t say I give 5 star tours, I don’t say my tours are the best in Ireland and I don’t even say Ollie’s Tours will be the highlight of your trip. However, for 5 years, my customers have said it for me!

Group tour of Ennis