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Where to Stay in Ennis? | Temple Gate Hotel | Ollie’s Tours

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When I first started my tour business, I was always fascinated by the history of the Temple Gate Hotel and made sure to introduce myself to all the staff. As I was new to the business world, I was nervous about attending my first meeting but the Temple Gate staff made me feel at home right away.

They were delighted to help me and promote my tours in whatever way they could. This was super because lots of visitors stayed here (for obvious reasons… keep reading). When I first started giving tours, I spoke to the staff at reception, Eleanor and Louise on a daily basis. They would let people know about the things to do in the town and were always sure to mention my walking tour of Ennis.

This 4-star hotel is loved by visitors for a few reasons. Firstly, Preachers Pub within the Hotel has great food. I find they have food that all the family would enjoy! Personally, I am a fan of the Mexican wrap (10/10 from me!!!). Pre Covid, (and hopefully post-Covid) there was live music here every evening and the place would be hopping. Visitors from all over Ireland including international visitors would flock to the pub to hear some of the local musicians. For those of you that don’t know, Ennis is known for its fantastic trad scene. Every musician you hear is outstanding.

The staff are all really nice too. Although I personally deal mainly with the reception staff, whenever I end up eating there, the waiting team are super nice and make my experience that much better. (Big shout out to Nicola!!!)

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Finally, the parking. While staying at the Temple Gate Hotel, you are sure to have the best parking in town. Their huge cark park is centrally located for easy access coming in or out of the town. As a guest, you can park your car and shop around Ennis for as long as you like!

This blog is just a shout out to all those in the temple gate who have helped me over the years. Thanks guys!


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