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Top 5 Instgrammable Spots in Co. Clare | Essential Guide

5 Instagrammable Spots in Co. Clare

Creating memories is an important part of any Staycation. The memories you create and the pictures you take are special. Some like to share their experiences with others online, others simply want something to look back on and think “WOW, I really did that”.

I have lived in Clare my whole life and particularly over the past year, I have fallen in love with my county all over again. When visiting Co. Clare this Summer, there are a few spots you should definitely try to visit.


Top 5 Instgramable Spots in Co. Clare:

1. Moylussa, Killaloe

Moylussa is Co. Clare highest peak standing at a whopping 532 meters high (okay, not so whopping). Yes, I know this might not seem very high if you compare it to the famous Carantoohil in Co. Kerry but trust me, this is a ‘must do’ when visiting Clare on your staycation this Summer.

a man standing on a dirt hill

Moylussa, Co. Clare | Photo Credit @charly.azzo

The boardwalk makes for a stunning backdrop alongside the jaw-dropping scenery that surrounds it. When visiting, do not trust Google Maps to get you there or you will end up climbing over some farmers fence only to find it’s a dead-end (Apologies Mr. Farmer). Instead, type in Ballycuggaran Forest Car Park.

a person riding a wave on top of a mountain

Moylussa, Co. Clare | Photo Credit @louisecooney

The hike requires moderate fitness as it can be quite steep at parts. It will take you approximately 2.5 hours round trip but that can vary depending on how fast or slow you want to walk/run.

a dog standing on top of a mountain

Moylussa | Photo Credit @colettetheborder

2. Cliffs of Moher

The world-famous Cliffs of Moher is one of Ireland’s favourite visitor attractions. The best way to experience the beautiful scenery is to park in Doolin and do the Cliffwalk right up to the Cliffs of Moher. If you want to take your experience to the next level and ensure you get access to the visitor centre at the top, take the Doolin Cliffwalk Tour! Click here to book.

a man standing next to a body of water with Cliffs of Moher in the background

Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare | Photo Credit @OlliesTours

Another idea for that perfect Cliffs of Moher experience is to have a romantic picnic at the top. Be it with your family or a loved one, I think you will find it very difficult to beat this backdrop. My picnic tip is to do this in the evening time. The sunset at the cliffs will make you cry with happiness.

a woman sitting at a table with food and water

Cliffs of Moher | Photo Credit @GRÁPICNICS

The Doolin Cliffwalk Tour will take you approximately 2.5 – 3 hours and requires moderate fitness. We recommend taking a tour as the walk is split up to allow for stories, breaks and hidden picture spots. Also, the tour will guarantee you access to the O’Brien’s tower and the visitor centre. This can be difficult to get access to during the busy summer months.

a man standing next to a green field

Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare | Photo Credit @cesarsfonseca


3. Lough Avalla Farm Loop

If exploring in the heart of the Burren, you just might come across this little hidden gem. The Lough Avalla Farm Loop is a hiking trail like no other in Co. Clare. The trail takes you through multiple terrains such as farmland, forest paths and large plains of limestone (good footwear is advised.).

a man standing next to a sheep

Lough Avalla Farm Loop | Photo Credit @OlliesTours

The walk will take you approx 2 – 2.5 hours and along the route, you will have the best views of Mullaghmore. It is not a tough walk but does require you to walk on very uneven surfaces. My favourite place to capture that perfect shot is the boardwalk by the lake!

a person flying a kite in a field

Lough Avalla Farm Loop, Co. Clare | Photo Credits @OlliesTours

Our top recommendation would be to visit the Dutchman’s house when finished. He and his family offer tea, coffee and a delicious apple tart that always hits the spot. Don’t worry, when you are coming near the end of the route, you will see it.

a person sitting on a bench next to a body of water

Lough Avalla Farm Loop, Co. Clare | Photo Credits @OlliesTours

4. Mullaghmore

Since the making of the new Burren documentary released this year, people have become fascinated with the region and its story. One of the most instagrammable hikes you can do in the Burren is a hike up Mullaghmore.

a man standing on top of a snow covered field

Mullaghmore, Co. Clare | Photo Credit @saptayin

It really does not matter if you have clear skies or dark, rain-filled clouds, this scenic walk will take your breath away. The blue route will take you on a loop around the summit and takes approx. 3 hours. The walk can be quite steep in parts so wear proper footwear and bring a flask of water or tea!

a man standing on a rocky beach

Mullaghmore, Co. Clare | Photo Credit @limerick_climbing_club

5. Father Ted’s House

This one is a fan favourite, quite literally. For anyone who has a love for the TV show, Father Ted, a visit to County Clare would simply need to include a stop at Father Ted’s house. Located in the heart of the Burren is this iconic house where Father Ted was filmed.

a man driving a car engine

Father Ted’s House, Co Clare | Photo Credit @cathyandjuno

People from far and wide come to this rural part of County Clare simply to stand outside and take a photo. However, it is very important to be respectful. The house is owned and lived in by a local family. Pre-Covid, they offered tea, home-baked goods and even mini-tours of the house. Hopefully, as restrictions loosen, we can see the reopening of this experience again.

a little boy that is standing in the grass

Father Ted’s House, Co. Clare | Photo Credit @janetnewenham


Happy and safe exploring and be sure to share your staycation experiences with us on Instagram! Click here to follow us.